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His Internal Ministry- The Performance of the Holy Spirit in Impartation, Initiation, and Implementation

Bible Audio Blog   Let’s talk about #Pentecost.  How did it happen?  When did it happen?  What happened?  Has it ever been repeated?  Is there a difference between the event repeating and the experience being repeated?  Is the Holy Spirit imparted to all
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The Winning Witness’ Technique

Bible Audio Blog   Okay, for the past several weeks we have been readying ourselves to share the #Gospel to our #friends and #neighbors.  But how?  Is there one way that is better than the others?  While the message should be consistent, can
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God’s Grace in the Workplace

Bible Audio Blog   Are you a #disgruntled employee?  What does #God think about your labor? No matter what you do for a living, God has a plan for your work.  Is everyday work sacred?  What kind of opportunities can you find at
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Spiritual Fitness

Bible Audio Blog   As the #weather begins to turn more #Spring like, we all look forward to getting outside and possibly getting fit.  But, what about our spiritual fitness?  D-A-I-L-Y is the way we can accomplish just that.  How many days a
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#You #Count!  Do you ever feel no one notices you?  Are you isolated?  Feel trapped?  Well, God is witnessing your life!  When my precious family developed #Find Bible Truth, I thought that it was a wonderful way to share the
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