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His Infernal Ministry – The Peril Of The Unholy Spirit – The Savior’s Domination

Bible Audio Blog Finally, a series of messages with a #HappyEnding.  #SpoilerAlert, if you’ve read the #Bible you already know who wins.  What is the difference between the way the devil tried to gain power and the way Jesus Christ achieved domination over
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Holy Spirit as Dove

Bible Audio Blog   Who is the #HolySpirit?  Probably the least discussed and possibly the least understood part of the #Triune #God.  Today, we start a series of messages looking at references to the Holy Spirit and what we can learn from them. 
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The Blood Atonement

Bible Audio Blog   Why do #Christian #churches preach and sing so much about #blood?  Because, the #Bible puts a great deal of emphasis on blood.  But why?  How are shadows similar to our understanding of God?  Is there a right way to
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A Dress Rehearsal For Calvary

Bible Audio Blog   We just celebrated the sacrificial #crucifixion and triumphant #resurrection of our Lord and Savior #Jesus Christ.  He was the only one that was ever worthy enough to complete this accomplishment.  But was there a foreshadowing of this event as
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