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  Have you ever had a #boss who would stop what they were doing to accomplish one of the many things they asked you to do?  It is at first, embarrassing.  But, then you catch on to what their priorities …

The Joy of Jesus – Triumphant Serving – As Exemplified – Through Humiliation Read More »

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  Whether you say #HappyHolidays or #MerryChristmas, whether you support #Antifa or #Brexit, God sent Hs son, Jesus to save you.  The New Testament of the Bible begins with the birth of Jesus, but did you know that His birth …

Study In A Stable – Jesus Read More »

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  In this #ego driven world, everyone is struggling to be #NumberOne, to have others serve them.  But what example did our Lord give us during the last week before His crucifixion and resurrection?  What significance did the Lord’s Supper …

Word of Condescension Read More »

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